Main topics written in sentences


1. Personal experiences, impressions, and appeals

2. Livestock (cows, horses, pigs, dogs, cats, etc.)

3. Stories about animals

4. Family and relatives

5. A friend you know

6. Interesting personalities

7. Biography and anecdotes of famous and worshipped people

8. Stories read, heard, and seen

9. Literature, studies, ideas, and art

10. Radio and television

11. Reflections on current affairs, social issues, and politics

12. Favorite play

13. Adventure and thrill experience

14. Outdoor activities and dance

15. Games and sports

16. Movies, plays, and music

17. Family life

18. Story of Foreign Life

19. Toys, tools, favorite things, collectibles, hobbies

20. How to make something

21. Seasonal events and events

22. Suburban walks and trips

23. Fancy and Fantasy Stories

24. Childcare, health, and illness

25. Educational issues, life issues, and religions