Those who have information have power


It’s not just that word-of-mouth information on the Internet and information sent by popular bloggers are more powerful than information sent by companies. It is a problem related to the essence of economic activity, especially what is called “capitalism”.

The essence of economic activity is to deliver what is needed, where it is needed, and in an appropriate manner.

When there is a lot of “necessity” while there is a shortage of “things”, it is clear that the person delivering the goods, that is, the seller has an overwhelming advantage. The recipient only has the “necessity” and not the “thing,” so if the seller creates the “thing,” the “necessity” will come from anywhere. Then, the seller can unilaterally impose a price system that is advantageous to them.

When such a one-way flow of “things” from “seller” to “buyer” is remarkable, if there is a bottleneck somewhere in the flow, the person occupying the bottleneck will see “things like toll fees”. It becomes possible to collect.

This is because the flow of information can be blocked and monopolized. In the capitalist economy, those with huge capital could take control of this bottleneck. I think this is the essence of capitalism. This seems to be a collection of tolls at “Barrier”.