Photography around Kaimondake, Japan (2021)

I’m not in a photo contest. I have never sought fame or money. I wanted to take and store photos the way I wanted. It’s just that. Otherwise, I will defeat by something worse than death.

Photographs aren’t valuable, but I need them.

But when I still start to question my ability to create photographs, I simply look at other photographers. Then, I realize that I have nothing to worry.

My contest has only me as a competitor. I go through the competition fair with vitality and energy, joy, and a spirit of the challenge. If not, it doesn’t matter anymore.


Yoshida K. & Kenichi S. (2003). Summary of the Geology of the Kaimon Dake District . Japanese. (pp. 80-81).

Retrieved January 15, 2021, from Geological Survey of Japan, AIST.