Report of Tax Return (2021)

I visited the tax office at 4:30 on March 3, 2021. At that time, I wore the green button-down that I got from the office lady under the black jacket, put sunglasses with silver edges and purple lenses that felt like a fortune teller in the left chest pocket, and wore dark green trousers and combed my hair.

I’m not working as a fashion model at all. It was a consideration to make it look like a musician. I’m hoping the guards will overlook me.

However, I feel sick even if I look like a musician. If guards investigate, it may be suspected that the musician depreciated the carpet over a three-year period. I compose music on a cashmere carpet I bought in Phuket, but I didn’t have time to print the music score as an ID card.

Even with this, I intended to pay attention to the details. Carefully, I wore the perfume twice on the left neck and twice on the right neck. But I was hoping that the green button-down would make a difference. Insert the shirt, belt it, and fasten the button to the top. I really like this button-down. This is because it is perfect for a musician who wants to imitate the geek style.

I managed to successfully complete the submission of the tax return. A little refund will be returned around April, and I plan to use that money to repair the small Pentax.

The basis of the evaluation of work is the evaluation of oneself, and there is no room for the evaluation of others. Everyone has their own beliefs. Therefore, there are various businesses in this world.

p.s. Photography [Rinshibai (Plum)] was taken on March 10, 2021.