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Photography in Atsumi Peninsula, Japan (2021)

No matter how many photos you take and store, you cannot bring them to heaven.

I have to settle the events of this world once in this world.

If there is only one thing that does not perish, isn’t it the “soul”?


Photography in Ehima Town, Japan (2021)

Ehima town is near the pacific ocean.

I visited a farmer I know.

To my surprise, the cabbage flowers are yellow.

The farmer guided me to the Green House.

He gave me a flower called “Bird of Paradise” as a souvenir.

When asked, “Why did you come to this town?”

I would say that I came here to be a little better person than yesterday.

Photography at Sumatakyo, Japan (2021)

I put my cap in my backpack.

It was what my father gave me after buying it at a home improvement store and using it for a while.

I was denting my cheeks while looking at the dream suspension bridge.

It’s just a dream to be able to cross such a bridge.

And, of course, people are interested in it.

The couple in front of me took a picture in the middle of the bridge, and they were slow to move forward.

I put the camera in my pocket and closed my eyes.

Then I tried to hear the sound of the deep river flowing under my feet.

Photography at Sumatakyo Onsen, Japan (2021)

I was planning to go on a hot spring trip.

On Friday afternoon, I went on a day trip to the hot springs.

I parked my car in the mountains and walked a few miles to the desired hot spring.

I had food, water, and towels.

The day I arrived at the river, I drank water.

I drank lots of water and survived the heat.

The wind was starting to blow.

It was a cool breeze.

At the end of the trail, I went to a hot-spring house and drank water again.

Then I bathed in a hot spring.

Photography at Ikawa Dam, Japan (2021)

I don’t remember what I did on Cinco de Mayo, 2021.

I’m sure I didn’t destroy the piñata. In May, I was thinking.

It’s better to spread coronavirus and poison the water source than build a dam in the middle of nature.

Try to introduce workers to the dam.

When that happens, joy, health, and freedom are goodbye.

Farewell to everything that makes life beautiful and worthy of life.

Photography at Ikawa Station, Japan (2021)

The most troublesome job is when you leave the house.

If I pretend to be Spanish, I say “Hasta salir de casa es la peor jornada.”

The most troublesome thing is when you go on a trip, go to work, or go to school.

It’s a hassle to get started with anything.

However, once you get started, you can push things forward relatively smoothly.

The world’s proletariat, the world is like that.

Photography From the Train Window of the Oigawa Railway, Japan (2021)

Paintings and poems do not become better or more attractive simply because they have aged, but all photographs become more amusing and touching as they age.

There is no such thing as a bad photo, so it is not as if I am missing the point when I say that there are just some that are not very interesting, not very relevant, not very mysterious.

The adoption of photography by museums has accelerated the process that time brings, making every work valuable. These photos of mine may be worth something in 100 years.

Photography at Okuoi Kojo Station, Japan (2021)

The American poet, T.S. Eliot, said

“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring. Will be to arrive where we started.”

The spirit of exploration dramatically, symbolically and clearly, develops the individual.

The place we reach at the end of exploration may be the place where we began, but the landscape is layered, still visible to us in different ways.


『Oigawa Railway』(2014)