Monthly Archives: May 2021

Photography in Kawanehoncho Town, Japan (2021)

Japan is getting smaller and smaller. We have to go out in search of the unknown wilderness. That is what is unpredictable and beyond human control.

Today, experience has become stale, and the sense of adventure supported by spontaneity has become rare. Words themselves have lost the power of meaning to excite people that they once had.

When Japanese policy calls for “GoTo Travel,” we already know what to expect from it. Is it possible that fulfilling advertised expectations has become the meaning of the word “adventure” today?


Photography in Hamamatsu, Japan (2021)

Many travelers don’t gaze first. The first thing they do is look at the camera.

A good photographer first captures in himself what he wants to capture with his camera.

They first create a relationship between themselves and what they are photographing.

In this way, seeing first is a creative process.