Photography A Trip Around Marsh Plants, Japan (2021)

When I turned off the road from Prefectural Road 321, I found a 2.2 ha peat bog that had been developed.

It was a place where plants grew wild and aquatic plants were transplanted and protected. In the Showa period (1926-1989), development began, and most of the marshland was reclaimed, leaving only a few percent left.

The air was warm and quiet.

There was a marshland botanical garden there. I walked into the garden. The inside of the botanical garden was quiet, and the temperature seemed to be dropping.

An elderly couple was sitting in a summerhouse and dressed elegantly in their jackets. They seemed to be retired and were living off their pension.

I walked through the Mizubasho (skunk cabbage) pond next to it. Then I went on to the wildflower garden.

I just got tired quickly. Unfortunately, recovering from ten days of mouth sores is no mean feat.

I have been abstaining from alcohol, and I am sick of it. When I see someone with a drink in hand, I want to go over there. I want to go over there and make myself pleasant to those jerks.

But if I keep drinking, it means that my mouth ulcers won’t heal fast enough. That means I can’t do any good work. It’s gotten worse lately.

I used to be able to drink as much as I wanted when I was young and robust health. But when I am over 30, it’s not the same.

After about a kilometer, I saw Mt. Dainichigatake (1,709m) on my left. The scenery was fading away behind me. And eventually, I saw a dazzling, hot, sparkling water lily pond.

I was careful not to get my feet stuck in the mud of the pond. I’ve only visited the water lily pond once, and that was because it was dark under the trees.

The water lilies in the pond were magnificent. They must have suffered a lot to grow up.

They were blooming above the pond.

I have read the gardening diary of an Englishman. Doesn’t that mean I’m intelligent, literate, and have unique insights ?