Photography at Oura Cathedral, Nagasaki, Japan (2022)

Without running into anyone I knew, I was eating Champon in the cafeteria. And I asked for more pepper.

Then I walked up the long slope to the Oura Cathedral, the harbor breeze blowing in my body.

I inhaled and exhaled the midday air, paying more attention to the composition of my photos than usual.

It was all for the sake of the beautiful church.


The Oura Cathedral was built in 1865 as a church for foreigners.

On March 17, 1865, the secret Christians who had kept their faith under the ban confessed

their faith to Father Petitjean at the church and became well known in the world.

Oh, Maria, I thought.

The church is real.

I wish I could become a priest at one time.

But where was the priest? 

I was only a musician.