Photography at Mt. Chausu, Aichi, Japan (2022)

Mt. Chausu in May

While climbing Mt. Chausu, my hiking boots leave white footprints.

At the top of the mountain, there is a small observatory.

There I was taking photographs.

My eyes looked toward the distant mountains on my right.

The tiny lawn cherry blossoms seemed to be fluttering in the wind.

The wind was blowing in the sky.

I looked at the triangulation point in my eyes, and then, without knowing where to go,

I walked down the mountain.

I was descending through the barren mountains.

Sometimes I want to be alone, away from all the people.

And my heart is comforted by the love of nature.

My heart is still walking along a lonely mountain path.

I am still walking on a lonely mountain road.

p.s. The photos were taken on May 22, 2022.