Photography at Mt. Kinkazan, Gifu, Japan (2022)

Feeling Mt. Kinkazan in Spring

Listening to the sound of drizzling rain
I trace back the memory of my mountain climbing.

I open my eyes at the observatory of the mountain castle.
My heart is moved to tears as I listen to the lonely wings of the dog-eagle.

A sightseeing boat passes by the Nagara River.
Who are the passengers?
The Nagara Bridge crosses at the end of the boat.
A car crosses the bridge.
Two stadiums are in the middle of the street. 

Going to the west
The wind is flowing in all directions.
Alone, I look at snow-capped Mt. Ibuki,
I gaze at the tiled roof of the castle,
I sense the light of the sea of Ise Bay in the distance.

Ah, the daylight shining into the interior.
I feel the beautiful spring day.

The castle seems to be filled with serene emotions.

A pine needle shines. A person looks like a squirrel.
Ah, I can see my hometown.

I might go back to the mountains I saw here in the summer.
Then I will say goodbye to my corroded soul.

When I step down the mountain path of a hundred bends
I see in my eyes a small golden castle tower shining in the sky.

p.s. The photos were taken on March 23, 2022.